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Reflective Insulation

Radiant Insulation Radiant BarrierAlso called Radiant Barrier. The idea for this was made during the beginning of the space program. NASA needed to find a way to protect its astronauts from the extreme climate changes they encounter in space. On one end, when facing the sun there is a temperature of +250 degrees while experiencing -450 degrees on the shadowy side at the exact same time. So they needed a barrier that would not only reflect the deadly heat from the sun but also to help retain the body heat from the freezing weather. Now this patented product has been coded over the years to be designed for uses in the home by adding it to your existing insulation to power up and making a fully thermal and sound proofing insulation system in your home, helping fight off the hot summer weather while at the same time making your home warmer in the winter by retaining the heat produced from your home’s heating unit.

Summer Effect:
Radiant Insulation Radiant BarrierHaving High Performance Reflective Insulation makes a tremendous difference in the summer by blocking off up to 97% off all unwanted radiant heat back away from your home. The difference between traditional insulation and reflective is great. While your traditional insulation only absorbs all the radiant heat from the sun, it will eventually radiate it into your home once it is filled up. You want to think of your traditional insulation as a large sponge, all day it soaks up heat from the sun and once it is filled up the heat begins to enter your home, even as it begins to cool down outside. Most people will then turn on their A/C to cool down that area not knowing that amount of heat coming into their home is greater than what their cooling unit can handle. Reflective insulation simply will reflect away that radiant heat before it has a chance to absorb into the insulation.

Winter Effect: 
During the winter time you have the same situation, but now you are trying to retain the heat produced by your heating unit. Your traditional insulation will absorb all the heat waves from your home and will leak out through the ceiling. When putting High Performance Reflective Insulation in your attic space the heat that normally leaks out will be retained helping not only keep your home warmer, but also eliminate hot/cold pockets in the home. Throughout time it will help prolong the life of your furnace while keeping your family warm and comfortable at all times.