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Solar Attic Fan Installation

Greenshield provides solar attic fan installation to homes throughout the San Jose metro region.

The Importance of Attic Ventilation

Solar Attic FansWhen looking to make a home more energy efficient having a proper ventilation unit is very important for many reasons. On a hot summer day your attic can reach temperatures of up to 175°. Solar Attic Fans dramatically help reduce your energy bills also making your home more comfortable by eliminating a build-up of heat in your attic before it is transferred into your living spaces.



How Does it Work & Why is it Better?

Solar Attic Fan Heat Retention Using a solar attic fan versus a traditional electric fan is obvious choice. While electric fans turn on when reaching a certain temperature, the solar fans will always be in use as long as the sun is out. You will never need to worry about it running excessively because it is just as important in the winter as in the summer by circulating the air to reduce a build-up of moisture in your attic. The life of your air conditioning unit will increase by over 50% just because it will not be used as much, because the attic will not transfer the heat into your home as it gets removed from then air circulation the solar fan will create.

The current vents in your home will let the hot air escape, but the majority will be stuck because of lack of air flow in the attic space. The attic fans uses the fresh air from the intake vents while dumping out the unwanted heat back to its source. 

To find out how a Solar Attic Fan will help your home, ask us or click below for a energy assessment to find out how to make your home run energy efficient.