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Greenshield provides complete weatherization services to home and building owners in the San Jose, CA region.

Do you want a more comfortable home year round and save significantly on your energy bills? Weatherize your home and save $350 or more per year!

What is Weatherization?

WeatherizationWeatherization is modification work  performed in existing buildings to reduce heat loss and heat gain, it's main goals are for home and building owners to:

  • Reduce energy costs;
  • Help decrease the nation's energy use;
  • Attain improved comfort in your home;
  • Have increased building durability;
  • Get educated in energy efficiency and energy conservation.

Some typical  work that may be performed on your home includes:

  • Insulating the attic, walls, floors, water heater, and exposed pipes;
  • Tuning-up, repairing, and if necessary, replacing the furnace or heating unit and, if you have one, the air conditioner;
  • Installing ventilation fans including electric, attic, ceiling, or whole-house fans to increase air circulation;
  • Eliminating air infiltration by weatherstripping and caulking around doors and windows and replacing broken glass panes.
  • Focusing on energy-related health and safety issues while performing all work;
  • Providing instructions on the care of the Weatherization materials and simple, low-cost/no-cost tips on how to save even more energy and money after the Weatherization materials have been installed.

How to Start Your Weatherization Project:

Start with an energy assessment with Greenshield. A professionally-trained  Greenshield Weatherization inspector will meet with you and perform an energy assessment,  he/she will then determine the best energy-efficiency measures for your home based on your needs and will explain how the trained Greenshield Weatherization crews will conduct the work. 

Throughout the whole process, your comfort and safety are Greenshield's #1 priority.